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Warehousing Warehousing Warehousing

Donohue Marquees now offers temporary warehousing solutions for a wide range of businesses and industries. Our warehouses are non-permanent structures which we can customise to suit your needs. 

We provide a full installation service by our experienced team, for all warehousing solutions purchased through us.

The key advantages to temporary warehousing includes-

Fast turnaround

Our temporary warehousing can be installed on site in as little as four weeks from purchase. Consider the time involved in the construction of a permanent warehouse, this is an ideal solution to get warehouse space quickly.

Economical building

Aside from the speed at which the warehouses can be installed, the cost of a temporary warehouse is significantly less than an equivalent permanent warehouse. As well as the construction costs, consider the related fees, government and legal, that will be saved with a temporary warehouse.

Customised to your needs

We offer a range of options such as wall panels, glazed panels, doors and both non-insulated and insulated roofs. We can also supply roller doors and other commercial options.

Long term use

Our warehouse solutions have all the advantages of a temporary structure but are designed to last for years.

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For sale or long term lease. Contact us today.